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Toronto is hosting Science Rendezvous this Sat May 9th. It is a festival of science!!

elephants toothpaste

elephants toothpaste

This is one wonderful way to get kids and older people too, interested in science and to see that scientists are not just lab slaves.
Volunteering at such an event can also help scientists or budding scientists see if an outreach role is for them – do they shine in a teaching/coaching role or does it make them want to slink back to the lab and hide under the lab bench?
showing kids around the lab

showing kids around the lab


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How about a volunteer opportunity abroad?
You could teach overseas as a volunteer and a science background can definitely come in handy.
Here are a couple of places I found with just a google search:

Volunteer in Tanzania – Defesco
Looking for teachers esp. with science knowledge!


1. United Methodist Church Nigeria Secondary School, Jalingo (North East). English speaking teacher with degree in chemistry and physics needed for students in the secondary school (grades 10-12). Guest house at mission compound available for $100.00 per month, including electricity and water facilities. Stipend of $100.00 per month provided. Volunteer needed one to three years. (posted 10/2007)

Volunteer opportunities in KENYA
Teaching project in Mshimba High School, Rang’e, Voi, Coast province

Volunteers will be involved in teaching High School students Computer Studies/IT, English, Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics. We require mainly volunteers who can teach IT and also have knowledge and experience in teaching Biology, Physics, Math, English and Chemistry.
The group will work 5 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon. Sometimes, depending on the nature of work, the time can be extended.

Visits: Possibilities include:
• Tsavo and Amboseli National Park
• Mombasa Beaches, Fort Jesus, Haller Park.
The visits will be organized during the weekends. Visits will be planned also to homes of the parents and other places.

A few months or a year away from the lab could give you the perspective you need!

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