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Here is a neat response to a reader’s question about whether Forensic pathology really looks like it does on TV:
TV crime shows are fun but guilty of fantasy
NICHOLAS COSTRINI, M.D. | Thursday, October 4, 2007

He points out that the shows are geared to solve the crime in one program but in reality it takes much longer:

What is most fun about this particular activity is that in real life, you do not get clear-cut data and certainly not a result in 30 seconds. That also relates to the timing of the entire case. The show lasts approximately 50 minutes and the average time to close the case for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is 44 days.

The usual lab settings are not as glamorous as depicted either:

Also incredibly unreal is the staging. I have never been in a forensic science laboratory that looks like cocktail lounge with neon signs. Similarly, it would be very unusual to see fabulously dressed curvaceous ladies in high-heel shoes and designer suits in the work-a-day world of a pathology lab.

But as the author states we do need lots more scientists in all fields so the show helps show that science can be cool…


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