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Leland Melvin heads to space by Jan 2nd on the STS-12 Mission

Orlando, Fl (PRWEB) December 8, 2007 — Leland Melvin was chosen by the Detroit Lions in the 11th Round of the 1986 NFL Draft. Leland also participated in the Toronto Argonauts and Dallas Cowboy Football Training Camps before leaving football for a higher calling, Space. After leaving Football, Leland received a Master in Material Science Enginner [sic] and studied fiber optics at Langley.

STS-12 Mission Crew

Leland Melvin [second from the left in the photo. Ed.]is the first NFL Player to go to Space. Leland has inspired thousands of students to pursue a career in science, technology, engineering and mathematics since joining NASA in 1998. “Leland was named Sportsmavericks 2007 Sports Legend of the Year April 10, 2007 for his accomplishments in academics and sports. Leland D. Melvin is a NCAA Division I Academic All American from University of Richmond, Chemist, Former NFL Player with Detroit Lions and Dallas cowboys, Material Engineer and NASA Astronaut.

“Leland took his skills from the Gridiron, and combined them with his skills from the classroom to reach for the stars,” says Ida Muorie


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From: Changing careers, impacting students: Transition to Teaching’s continued success at IU May 9, 2007
The Indiana General assemby mandated a program for universities in 2002 that allow people to become teachers (high school or elementary school) faster than the usual program. Called “Transition to Teaching” or T2T, it is focused on training new grads or people already in another career.

One recent graduate was an industrial chemist:

Jeff Kohne, another new grad, said he always wanted to teach, but could never work out the time or the finances.

When Kohne and his wife moved to Bloomington, he left behind a career as a biochemist at Searle and Pharmacia-Pfizer to begin teaching biology and chemistry. Eleven years out of college, several colleagues questioned why he’d leave a lucrative professional career.

“Sometimes I was making really nice money, but I just wasn’t happy,” Kohne said. “And that comes through in your personal life. You bring that home with you if you’re not happy in your job. This makes me happy.”

He has been able to use his career knowledge to make the classwrok more relevant:

“Chemistry in high school was pretty dry, pretty boring. But I was able in my student teaching to bring in some of the chemistry that I did at Searle, or Pharmacia-Pfizer, all the companies I’ve worked for, and with real-world products like NutraSweet. It just really brought it home for the kids, and they realize there is a connection with their lives with the stuff that they’re learning.”

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