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The 2013 ACS Meeting this spring has not one but TWO alternative career sessions:

CINF (Chemical Information Division) is organizing “Food for Thought: Alternative careers in chemistry”  and

CHAL (Chemistry and Law Division) is organizing “Beyond the bench: Non-traditional  Careers in chemistry”

There is also a complete career fair with other talks of various aspects of making career choices.

And it is in New Orleans!  SO no excuse  not to go…




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The American Chemical Society meeting is coming up in March (near Disneyland!!) and if you are attending as a scientist and are thinking of changing jobs, then maybe you need these webinars to prepare yourself:

ACS Webinars: Your Career GPS! Series

Does the thought of searching for your next job make you feel queasy? It’s no secret that the chemistry job market is tough right now. Fear not as we bring you expert guidance to survive and thrive through any economic roller coaster. Using these helpful hints and tips, you’ll be on your way to finding the perfect job in no time! Looking for employment doesn’t have to make your stomach flop. By the end of this ACS Webinars Job Search Series, you’ll be pumped and prepped to make a lasting impression on prospective employers. You may even have some fun along the way!

Then attend the ACS Career Fair and find out what you might be missing!!

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Another cool webinar from the ACS – perfect for dual career families and some suggestions as to how to make it work. If you have questions about how to look for jobs in such a situation, here’s the place to ask them!

Chemists in LOVE: Strategies and Tactics for a Dual Career Relationship

Does your relationship (or will your future relationship) exemplify the properties of a covalent or ionic bond? To succeed in the laboratory of love, it may take more than the chemistry that brought you together. Lucky for you, the love chemists are in! They may not be able to explain the exact compounds behind Love Potion No. 9, but they can provide valuable insight into balancing your many commitments and maximizing the success of your relationship. Whether you and your companion have been together for decades or were recently struck by Cupid’s arrow, our speakers will provide personal reflections, advice and tips to help you succeed in work and play. Join us with special guest speakers, Al and Carolyn Ribes and Sarah Tolbert and Ben Schwartz, and you may discover the secret behind Love Potion No. 9 afterall!

(Single? Join us and pick up valuable tips as well).

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Another free webinar from the ACS:

“Persuasion: A Crash Course for Scientists and Chemical Professionals” with Lou Hampton, President, The Hampton Group, Inc.
It’s all about RESULTS. Do you know how to use persuasion to get the results you’re looking for? Whether you’re making a formal presentation to management or discussing data with a co-worker, you need to know the “science” of persuasion to be effective. Join our speaker, Lou Hampton, President of The Hampton Group, Inc., for a crash course on mastering persuasion for those in the chemical industry!

JOIN US LIVE to learn how ten participants will “persuade” Lou into receiving a private, complimentary consulting session!

Thursday, January 13, 2011, 2:00-3:00 pm ET

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Mark these dates on your calendar:

ACS Webinars – Your Career Matters! Series:

Part of the ACS Webinars program, these presentations feature speakers that address a wide variety of career topics for science and engineering professionals.

* February 11, 2010 – “Love Chemistry and Food? Find out how to find and build a career in the food/flavor industries” with Carolyn Fisher at McCormick.
* March 11, 2010 – “How Competitive are you in Global Chemistry? Observations of Chemical Operations and Chemistry Skills in India, Singapore, Eastern Europe, and United States?” with Dr. Michael Trova, Senior VP at AMRI.
* April 8, 2010 – “Building an Industry Career in Chemistry and Public Policy” with Susan Butts, Senior Director of External Science and Technology Programs at The Dow Chemical Company.
* April 29, 2010 – “Success Factors for a Consulting Practice in Chemistry” with William Golton, a founder and first Chairman of the Chemical Consultants Network, and Vice President (ret.) of The CECON Group, Inc.
* May 13, 2010 – “Chemistry and Publishing: Starting and Building an Industry Career in the Publishing House” with Darla Henderson, Senior Acquisitions Editor, ACS Publications.
* June 10, 2010 – “Building Success Upon Failures: Success Story of a Chemical Entrepreneur” Michael Levenfeld, Founder & CEO, Signa Chemicals.

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ACS webinars are great ways to discover new job opportunities:

ACS Webinars: Your Career Matters!
Thursday, February 11, 2010, 2-3pm ET.

“Love Food as well as Chemistry? How to Find and Build a Career in the Food and/or Flavor Industries.” Curious about the smell of cookies baking? Or how researchers try to isolate vanilla flavor? Know yourself, discover your passion, and weave it into your career! Learn from our speaker how you might also be able to combine your passion in food and chemistry into a career in the exciting world of food and flavor industries. Join the conversation with speaker Carolyn Fisher, Regulatory Manager at McCormick. She is also an author, instructor, and food flavors aficionado.

To register:

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Toronto is hosting Science Rendezvous this Sat May 9th. It is a festival of science!!

elephants toothpaste

elephants toothpaste

This is one wonderful way to get kids and older people too, interested in science and to see that scientists are not just lab slaves.
Volunteering at such an event can also help scientists or budding scientists see if an outreach role is for them – do they shine in a teaching/coaching role or does it make them want to slink back to the lab and hide under the lab bench?
showing kids around the lab

showing kids around the lab

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