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The ACS Webinar series is doing a session on alternative careers for PhD students (and they are using the same name as my blog – coincidence or flattery?) on Oct 4th, 2011. Remember that if you can’t make that date, the webinars are archived and you can watch them later!
These webinars are always informative and often fun!

The Road Less Traveled – Alternative Careers for PhD Scientists

The skills you obtain as a PhD scientists are valuable, but not only in traditional jobs. Process development, analytical thinking, research techniques, and technology skills are highly sought and desired in government and private industry. Join Dr. Steve Carlo as he describes how traditional skills are more easily applied to alternative careers than you think.

Dr. Steve Carlo is a PhD physical chemist, currently working for the Federal Government as a technical manager.


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The American Chemical Society meeting is coming up in March (near Disneyland!!) and if you are attending as a scientist and are thinking of changing jobs, then maybe you need these webinars to prepare yourself:

ACS Webinars: Your Career GPS! Series

Does the thought of searching for your next job make you feel queasy? It’s no secret that the chemistry job market is tough right now. Fear not as we bring you expert guidance to survive and thrive through any economic roller coaster. Using these helpful hints and tips, you’ll be on your way to finding the perfect job in no time! Looking for employment doesn’t have to make your stomach flop. By the end of this ACS Webinars Job Search Series, you’ll be pumped and prepped to make a lasting impression on prospective employers. You may even have some fun along the way!

Then attend the ACS Career Fair and find out what you might be missing!!

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Now you can be amply prepared for that next interview. When they ask those tough universal questions you will have the snappy retort ready:

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Another cool webinar from the ACS – perfect for dual career families and some suggestions as to how to make it work. If you have questions about how to look for jobs in such a situation, here’s the place to ask them!

Chemists in LOVE: Strategies and Tactics for a Dual Career Relationship

Does your relationship (or will your future relationship) exemplify the properties of a covalent or ionic bond? To succeed in the laboratory of love, it may take more than the chemistry that brought you together. Lucky for you, the love chemists are in! They may not be able to explain the exact compounds behind Love Potion No. 9, but they can provide valuable insight into balancing your many commitments and maximizing the success of your relationship. Whether you and your companion have been together for decades or were recently struck by Cupid’s arrow, our speakers will provide personal reflections, advice and tips to help you succeed in work and play. Join us with special guest speakers, Al and Carolyn Ribes and Sarah Tolbert and Ben Schwartz, and you may discover the secret behind Love Potion No. 9 afterall!

(Single? Join us and pick up valuable tips as well).

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Another free webinar from the ACS:

“Persuasion: A Crash Course for Scientists and Chemical Professionals” with Lou Hampton, President, The Hampton Group, Inc.
It’s all about RESULTS. Do you know how to use persuasion to get the results you’re looking for? Whether you’re making a formal presentation to management or discussing data with a co-worker, you need to know the “science” of persuasion to be effective. Join our speaker, Lou Hampton, President of The Hampton Group, Inc., for a crash course on mastering persuasion for those in the chemical industry!

JOIN US LIVE to learn how ten participants will “persuade” Lou into receiving a private, complimentary consulting session!

Thursday, January 13, 2011, 2:00-3:00 pm ET

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Here is another of the stellar webinars from ACS:

How to Find Jobs in Small Companies
By admin – Last updated: Thursday, December 16, 2010
ACS Careers Job Club Webinar Series

Are small companies hiring more scientists? Is it better to be the big fish in a small pond or a small fish in the big pond? In today’s highly competitive job market, job hunters may need to explore options with both small and large companies. However, differences abounds in looking for jobs for small companies! Join our speaker, John Borchardt, to learn how to evaluate your fit and to tailor your job hunting techniques to secure that job offer with small companies.

While this may be more chemistry-job oriented, I am sure that the tips will be applicable to finding a non-lab job too!

And one thing I love about the webinars is that they are all archived so you can watch them later if you can’t make the live presentation.

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From the AAAS comes a webinar that you can watch on demand – you need to register but that is a minor inconvenience o the path to a possible new career, eh?

Nontraditional Careers: Opportunities Away From the Bench
Now available on demand

April 28, 2009, 12 noon Eastern; 9 a.m. Pacific; 4 p.m. GMT

Increasingly, Ph.D.-level scientists are becoming aware of other career opportunities beyond bench research. Not only are scientists interested in pursuing nonresearch-based careers, but the discord between the number of graduate students and postdocs, and the limited availability of tenure-track faculty positions means that these are no longer “alternative” career options. What sorts of opportunities can scientists pursue? What sorts of skills do they need to develop in order to succeed in nonresearch jobs? How can they find these sorts of positions?

This webinar will look at the various career options open to scientists across different sectors, strategies you can use to find positions, and the future of the scientific work force in nontraditional careers. Join us to learn more about exciting and rewarding careers outside of academic/industrial research.

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