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C&EN, Volume 96 Issue 10 | p. 25
Issue Date: March 5, 2018 | Web Date: February 27, 2018

Career Ladder: Dana Garves

This bench chemist built her own business around the craft beer boom



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I just published a blog post over at Cooking, Cakes and Chemistry about a medicinal chemist by day who has started a soda company by night!

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Martin Lersch of Khymos posted about a job at harvard for a PhD chemist to do food stuff!
Open position in science and cooking at Harvard

Are you looking for a career change from the lab to a kitchen?

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ACS webinars are great ways to discover new job opportunities:

ACS Webinars: Your Career Matters!
Thursday, February 11, 2010, 2-3pm ET.

“Love Food as well as Chemistry? How to Find and Build a Career in the Food and/or Flavor Industries.” Curious about the smell of cookies baking? Or how researchers try to isolate vanilla flavor? Know yourself, discover your passion, and weave it into your career! Learn from our speaker how you might also be able to combine your passion in food and chemistry into a career in the exciting world of food and flavor industries. Join the conversation with speaker Carolyn Fisher, Regulatory Manager at McCormick. She is also an author, instructor, and food flavors aficionado.

To register:

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Years ago, I hated the processed foods that were available – even frozen pizza – because they never tasted like I would cook them myself. Then along came technology and a more savvy consumer!
I remember President’s Choice products (are these available in the US too?) as the first ones that I really liked. Now I know why: Dr. Inteaz Alli, a professor in the Department of Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry at Macdonald Campus explains:

“For the last 20 or 30 years at least, the industry had been demanding qualified food scientists,” says Dr. Selim Kermasha, current chair of the department. “A chemist or microbiologist alone cannot do the job. Food science is a multidisciplinary field that covers all the areas related to food: Chemistry, microbiology, biology, physics, engineering and even marketing.”

While food scientists are still very concerned with processing technology, Alli adds, the end product is now the star of the show. “Traditional expectations about food quality and safety are now compounded by newer societal expectations. Many consumers now demand convenient, environmentally friendly, organic foods free from genetically modified organisms. That’s a complex set of expectations.”

So now we have yummy tasting food that is quick to prepare thanks in part to chemistry – yippee!!

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