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Robert Wolke just wrote his swansong Food 101 column for the Washington post.
He writes:

In my several careers, I have always followed the advice of the great philosopher Yogi Berra: Whenever I came to a fork in the road, I took it. Some of the forks have led to designing laboratory buildings, writing textbooks, serving as dean on a round-the-world academic sea voyage, teaching graduate-level chemistry (in Spanish) in Venezuela, analyzing Marie Curie’s Nobel Prize-winning PhD thesis at the Sorbonne, and consulting for UNESCO on higher education in Bangladesh.

Every decade or so I lifted my sights to look for new challenging forks in the road. After two decades of teaching and directing research in nuclear chemistry, I devoted a decade to university administration. I then left academe entirely to follow my earliest muse and devote my time to writing. I have since published four books that, in more than 20 languages, are edifying people all over the world. That sure makes a guy feel good.

His food column (260 of them in fact) dissected some of the chemistry behind the food we eat.

He is now going to continue to pursue his writing career again….

Robert L. Wolke is professor emeritus of chemistry at the University of Pittsburgh.


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Ok, this time I get personal…

One of our chemistry professors here at U of Toronto is leaving us – not to pursue chemistry (although I think he will still manage some somehow) but to become Provost of U of British Columbia.

Well that certainly is another career path! When I started here 8 years ago, he was just taking over as Chair of the Dept. He did so well that within 3 years, the Provost’s office wooed him away to be a Vice-Provost. He did so well at that that UBC decided to make him Provost!

Now instead of manipulating chemicals, he gets to manage a university full of professors!

Go Dave GO!

BTW, we seem to have a history of creating good administrators here – our previous Chair went on to be a Dean at UCSB.

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